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LoveLocks™ and Lauren’s Institute are teaming up to Lock in LIFE. LoveLocks™ operates on the principles of love, commitment, dedication, and connectedness. When we learned that Lauren’s Institute shares these same philosophies, we knew we had to help!

 LoveLocks™ is inspired by an ancient tradition believed to have originated in China where lovers would climb to the highest peak and lock a lock for their love and throw away the key. The idea was their love, dedication, and commitment lasted as long as the padlock.

 When we lock in LIFE, we are demonstrating our love, dedication and commitment to each and every child and adult that walks through the doors. We recognize that LIFE is dedicated to finding the best possible combination of therapies to help your loved ones grow, develop, and have a better quality of life.

 LoveLocks™ has been moved by the mission and dedication of Lauren’s Institute for Education, and we want to help!  

 On November 20th at 1pm, LIFE will host its 2nd annual musical, “Disney’s Alice in Wonderland Jr..” LoveLocks™ wants to join in this celebration of “LIFE” by selling locks before, during intermission, and after the production. For each $20 lock sold, we will give $10 back to this wonderful organization.

 This is an amazing opportunity to honor the hard work, dreams, and accomplishments of the children at LIFE. Each lock can be inscribed with a personal message from the buyer. We want to help LIFE lock in all of the dreams, ambitions, prayers, and success of the children it serves.

 LoveLocks™ is also donating a beautiful sculpture representing the “tree of life” onto the locks can be fastened. This memorial will be an ever-present reminder of all that your children are capable of.  

 To learn more, find us on Facebook at or go to, and

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