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A big thanks to Ear Candy Productions for helping us get THREE new pianos for our center. These pianos came at a critical time in our efforts to fund the music therapy department in our center. These pianos will offer quality music for many of the clients receiving music therapy services here at the center. We will also be able to make use of one of the new DIGITAL pianos in our production of Disney’s Alice in Wonderland, Jr.

Organizations like Ear Candy help keep creative arts therapies alive and well, and we are grateful for their contribution.  Below is a description of the pianos that were donated by members of the community through Ear Candy Productions.

• 2 Yamaha Digital Pianos (Clavinova): These pianos will be utilized in both our Academy and in music therapy groups. We are excited about they’re versatility and being able to transport the instruments to different buildings and that we will never need to tune our new digital instruments. One of the first duties of these new pianos will be to provide quality music accompaniment for our rehearsals of “Disney’s Alice in Wonderland Jr.” This production will directly impact 9 children. They will also serve as accompaniment individual sessions, academy music classes, and upcoming student performances.

• 1 Baldwin Upright Piano: This piano will be placed in a treatment room of one of our therapists to be used in individual and group sessions. It will directly impact at least 35 children per week.

Overall, these pianos will allow at least 150 students and clients to experience music therapy and music education in ways that were not possible before Ear Candy Productions graciously stepped in to help.

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