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On November 16th, ABC 15’s Smart Family featured a story about autism, Lauren’s Institute for Education, and a courageous family’s determination to overcome the obstacles that lay in their path. L.I.F.E.’s community coordinator, Prather Harrell was the focus of this story, as she provided her own unique perspective about the challenges her family has faced, as well as the joy and celebration that has accompanied their journey together.

Prather has recently accepted a position as the community coordinator at Lauren’s Institute for Education. This role allows her to assist other families in securing community-based services such as habilitation, respite and attendant care. Such services are meant to help consumers acquire critical developmental skills, become more independent and contributing members of our communities, and even allow for parents to take a break while knowing their child has been left in good hands.

Click the link below to view the full video from ABC 15. For more information on L.I.F.E.’s community services, contact Prather at

Prather Harrell on ABC 15′s Smart Family

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