Improving quality of life for the differently abled Children & Adults


by Rich Maston, Clinical Director, L.I.F.E                                          

Over the last couple of years, it seems as though big announcements from the Department of Developmental Disabilities usually revolves around the reduction of services for our families, or decreased rates for those who provide critical services to them. No doubt, the State of Arizona has their hands funds full during these difficult economic times, however, this time, the announcement came with cause to celebrate. As you are probably aware, in June of this year, AHCCCS Administration announced a proposal to reduce the total number of respite care hours by 50%. Needless to say, this would have a drastic impact on many of the families served by the Administration. Open community forums were held to shed light on the potential impact of such a decision, and our families rose to the occasion with heartfelt testimonies of how this would affect their quality of life. The end result was truly a victory for our families, as the Administration changed course, and ultimately reduced to proposed cuts to approximately 15%, which will go into effect in October of 2011.

There is nothing we cannot accomplish if we join together to fight for those we serve, and in the words of Rollo May, “Communication leads to community, that is, to understanding, intimacy and mutual valuing.”

Rollo May

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