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by Rich Maston, Clinical Director, L.I.F.E.

Music is a non-verbal, non-invasive, and non-threatening means of communication and expression. Music can reach children when words cannot. It stimulates both sides of the brain on a deep level where other stimuli or verbal commands fail to reach by activating several parts of the brain simultaneously. Music therapy is used to improve social interaction and communication. It is also known to develop and improve the attention span and the ability to follow directions. It aids in the development of senses by improving sensory functions such as self-awareness, textures, spatial awareness, orientation, and body sensations. Music therapy also helps in improving the cognitive elements of perception such as critical thinking, reasoning, sequencing, recollection of events/concepts, imagining, or learning words. Personalized music therapy sessions provide structured music interventions to meet the cognitive, physical, and emotional needs of the individual child.



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