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Do you and or someone you know have an adult child with a developmental disability that is looking for an amazing program to participate in? If so then please review this document.

Lauren’s Institute For Education is very excited to announce, coming in the Summer of 2012

We will officially begin the next part of our journey by introducing our adult program.  We will be introducing a program that will be broken down into 2 groups of adults, Advanced and Intermediate.

Our program will be designed around helping our adults to live as full and independent life as they can no matter what their physical and or cognitive abilities may be.

Our advanced program is designed for those consumers that are cognitively and physically able to tolerate a fast pace program.  This program will consist of the following;
Independent Living Skills

L.I.F.E. will have several rooms that will look and feel identical to a home environment.  These rooms will include;

  • Kitchen -Adults will learn to prepare a meal chart, a grocery list to support their meal choices, shop and purchase their groceries and lastly learn to prepare meals.
  • Laundry Facility – Adults will learn the fundamentals of preparing their clothes for laundry and completing the laundry process by utilizing their own personal laundry on a weekly basis.
  • Living Room – L.I.F.E. will have a gathering area available for our adults to congregate for social activities such as gaming, dancing, and crafting.
  • Bedroom – L.I.F.E. will have a room which will help support our adults in the fundamentals of caring for their personal space while helping participate in a daily chore routine to be carried over in the home.
  • Bathroom – L.I.F.E. promotes health and well being through proper grooming routines designed to meet each adults individual’s needs.

Vocational Skills
Through community feedback and research L.I.F.E. has decided to focus on helping develop skills through primary areas in our community at large.

  • By creating an indoor movie theater we will help our adults practice the same skills they would need in order to become marketable to our larger movie corporations within the valley.
  • By creating a mini-mart within our facility we will help our adults learn the same valuable skills required to become more marketable to our larger grocery chains within the valley.

Health and Well-Being

L.I.F.E. will have several rooms available to help our adults with their physical well-being through proper work out routines in addition to their mental well-being through small group cognition instruction designed to meet each adults individual needs.

Our intermediate programming will consist of a more nurturing program developed for our severely disabled clients who may not be physically able to participate in the fast paced program outlined above but would be better served by promoting over all well- being through Music Therapy, Massage Therapy, Art Therapy and Social Interactions with their peers.

Regardless if the consumer is a fit for the advanced program and or the intermediate program, all programming will be individualized to address the consumers needs and functional outcomes.

Each group will have a daily schedule that will see them through all of the mentioned activities and so much more each and every day of the week. The program will run Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Transportation will not be provided at this time.   Our staff ratios will be determined based upon need of the consumers.  The program will be billed through DTT units provided through the Department of Developmental Disabilities.
There will be limited room for enrollment in this program, therefore if you and or someone you know wishes to be added to the wait-list please contact me directly at 480-621-8361 x 207 and or email me at Once I receive your contact information I will send you the necessary intake information for completion.

Margaret Travillion, Co-Founder and CEO

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