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Working for Lauren’s Institute for Education since 2007, I have become accustomed to miracles and acts of kindness, some big and some small, but all very amazing. They happen often all around me, and being stuck behind a desk most of the day, I tend to miss a lot of them.

This is why I was grateful when one landed on my desk, making it impossible to ignore, and in this case, hard not to share. As the Finance Officer for L.I.F.E. I have money plopped on my desk regularly, to be deposited and allotted to the appropriate service or purpose.

Last month, however, I received a stack of checks that were quite unique. For one thing, they were from a child and her friends, and for another, they were in replacement of her birthday gifts. With them was a note that the child, Isabella, had written to her birthday party guest list. The full letter is amazing but it can be summed up by the first section, which reads:

Dear Parents and Children,
My birthday party is April 12th. Instead of gifts, I would like to help raise money for my sister’s school to build a playground.  Right now they don’t have one at all. Sophia’s school is a private school for smart kids that have special needs. Last summer, I went to this school to help with camp and I loved it! The kids were nice and creative. I have made up some lessons to help the children learn while playing on the playground. Instead of buying a gift, I hope you can choose some of my lessons to “sponsor” so that the school can hopefully make their dream come true.

Isabella managed to raise $500 to go towards this playground; a playground which I am happy to say has since been approved to be built in our complex, and whose designs are already being submitted.

Something that I preach often, which Isabella and her family have put into action in the best way, is not only that every dollar counts, but also, we are only as strong as the community that stands behind us. For Isabella, and every supporter out there who has put these words into action, I can never say thank you enough. I can only hope that our organization and its employees’ hard work in the pursuit of progress, and improved quality of life for every child and adult we serve, prove that we are worth it. Thank you for your support.

Please help me share this random act of kindness, and keep this spirit of service passing forward.

With Gratitude,

Justin Travillion
Executive Financial Officer
Lauren’s Institute for Education

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  1. What a touching story! We are so lucky to be part of the LIFE family. Thanks to Isabella to help make the playground a reality for my own daughter, Beth. If she could, she would thank you, too :-)

    Comment by Becky Papp on October 30, 2014 at 11:53 am

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