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Aquatic Therapy

We are very excited about this years’ full introduction into Aquatic Therapy. With our move and the timing of everything  we really were only able to dabble in the impact that Aquatic Therapy can have for some of our children. As we approach spring and summer we anticipate a full season and all that it can bring with it.

Our therapy staff who wishes to, will be attending a two day aquatic therapy certification class in April here on site. The beauty of Aquatic Therapy much like Hippo Therapy is it can be utilized within multiple disciplines, speech, occupational and physical therapy.

If you are interested in your child potentially participating in Aquatic Therapy please see your current therapist. It is important to know, not all of our children may be suitable to treat through Aquatic therapy.  This is why it will be important to discuss this with your therapist.  In addition not all of our therapist will be providing this service.

If your therapist will be participating and your child is found to be a good candidate there will be additional paperwork required before we can begin.

We are so very blessed to have this opportunity now and to be able to add this tool and method to our programming tool belt.

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