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Lauren’s Institute for Education is asking for your help supporting our efforts to gather more funding for our student’s tuitions. There is a really simple, no cost way to do this, that has a very big impact on our ability to fund student tuitions, without burdening the families we support, something very integral to our mission to best serve. L.I.F.E. is really passionate about this but would need help getting the word out.

You may or may not be familiar with the Arizona Private School Tax Credit Program. If you are, you know it is free to participate in, and anyone with an Arizona tax liability, individuals and corporations alike, can do so. It simply diverts your tax liability directly to the schools in need instead of it going to the State. You can do this by submitting payment to an STO, recommending Lauren’s Institute for Education, and then claiming that payment on your taxes. You may even already do this for your own children’s school or someone you know. Keep in mind even if you already give to a public school, it does not stop you from giving to a private school as well.

Payments can be made to the STO up to April 15th for the previous tax year, so you can time it with when you get your taxes done and you are not having to go without those funds for any length of time. Lauren’s Institute currently has 146 students, more than half of whom rely on these funds in order to attend here. Close to half of the current financial need for those students is still going unfunded, making the task difficult for us to bring on these students, keep our staffing ratios where they should be, and maintain the level of excellence we strive for. Our Co-Founders are very proud to say that to-date we have not allowed this to increase our ratios, or forced us to turn away children we could otherwise serve. But the need is getting bigger. Every year we are making room for more and more students, and the waitlist is longer than we can keep up with. Without increased support we are hard pressed to meet the need.

So how can you help? This brochure has all of the information in easy to follow instructions. It can be given to both individuals and corporations. We are asking if you would consider doing two things with it: Participate and share. If you have any questions please reach out to me and I am happy to help. There is also more information on our website that you can point people to, Without spending a dime of your own money you can help students with special needs get the care they deserve. Thank you for considering this.

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