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New Transition Program Coming

February 12,2018

Dear Friends and Families,

Here at L.I.F.E. we strive to provide programming to meet all the needs of our very eclectic population of individuals, both children and adults.   We are very excited to announce our newest endeavor coming in the Fall of 2018 which we believe will take us one step closer to best serving all these amazing differently-abled individuals.

Coming in the Fall of 2018, we will be adding our LIFE Academy Transitional Program to our academy.  This newest program will consist of three new components; Quality Living, Functional Living Skills and Vocational Skill Building.

The LIFE Academy is very proud of the work it has accomplished in these past years to solidify our academic program which is meant to serve those children and their families who wish for their child to expand their academic knowledge through graduation.  We have now solidified our ability to offer students in high school, a transcript and graduating diploma.  This has been a huge undertaking yet one well worth the hard work and dedication to seeing all our astonishing students graduate with the ability to proceed into secondary education if they so choose.

In addition to students who wish to graduate and proceed into secondary education, we also have a large population of students and families who have a different path to journey and one we feel just as deeply committed too.  This path is about improving the quality of living while providing independent living skills and vocational training that can be transferred into the real world at their time of graduation.

In the ten years we have been providing a private education to children and their families, we have identified three very unique paths for our students;

  1. Individuals who can, and should, graduate high school and proceed into a secondary educational environment.
  2. Individuals who reach full academic potential and would like to focus on living as independently as possible while seeking gainful employment onsite and in our community before graduation.
  3. Individuals who have reached full academic potential and would like to focus their remaining educational years on programming more designed to the betterment of quality living and quality of life.

We believe that with our additional programming to the Academy, we will now be able to best serve all these children.

Over the next few months and during your child’s May team meeting we will be discussing these options in more detail, so that you can make the best possible decisions for your child given all the current information and options now available.

We will be adding a transitional component to all students age 13 and older in their ILP.  These goals are meant to help our students start thinking about their futures and for us to ensure we are addressing the child’s needs accordingly to best serve them.  This will simply be another component of the student’s ILP much like the Reading, Math, Social Studies and Self-Help domains they currently have.   These goals will develop and change over the child’s academic journey.

Our transitional program is meant for students ages 14 to 22 who are choosing to leave their academic path behind them and journey into learning skills meant for quality living, functional living and vocational skill building.  This program will be Monday through Friday and run 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.  The program will follow the same LIFE Academy schedule starting in August and ending in May with all the same school closures. This additional program option is still very much part of our LIFE Academy and therefore will follow the same funding expectations as we currently have in place.

We are very excited to announce that Ms. Milly, who is an Occupational Therapist and current Director of many years, will be overseeing this program in addition to our Adult Day Program.  She will be overseeing all aspects of this program to ensure we have the highest quality staff and are providing the highest quality programming to meet your family’s goals and expectations.

Attached you will find a syllabus of each program, which will provide you with a very brief overview of what the program is meant to achieve.   We will be adding 4 new classrooms dedicated to this program in the Fall.  In addition, we are reconstructing our current Snack Shack and Laundry Facility to be more conducive to the teachings in this program.

If you are a parent of a child age 14 or older and you believe this new program may be something you are interested in, I would ask you to email me now so we can start discussing this option in more detail.   Otherwise we will meet in May during your parent team meeting for those students identified as age appropriate. I can be reached by email at or you can contact Brenda Cotarelo, who is my administrative assistant, to schedule a face to face meeting to discuss in detail.   To ensure we have an excellent first year for this program we will be starting with a limited number of students, so spots will be minimal compared to the need in our community.  However, we believe this is best practice and will ensure we are building a strong foundation for our future as well as your child’s.

We believe in parent choice, it is your decision to make and how you feel will best serve your child and your family now and in the future.  We are simply here to guide you and provide you options, which these children so deserve.  I started this dream in 2007 wherein I would create an environment that each and every individual who is differently-abled can thrive and reach their highest potential.   I believe that this new programming option gets us a step closer to achieving this dream.

With love, respect and appreciation for the honor being given to serve you, Margaret Travillion Co-Founder and CEO, Laurens Institute For Education.

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