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Additional Programming Coming Soon!

Our Co-Founders have always had dreams of growing L.I.F.E. to be everything it can be in order to support our special children and adults. One clear vision when we moved to our new home in 2015, is that we would be able to offer employment to our special community of differently abled individuals, both on this property and out in the Community. We are now currently in the process of adding two new services to our contract with DDD, GSE and TTE, which will allow us to get one step close to making this happen. We believe with the addition of our Academy Transition Program and these additional services, we are well on our way to providing highly effective programming for our consumers!

On our property alone, we will be able to work on Kitchen and Restaurant skills, Landscaping, Janitorial, basic office, classroom support and child care.  We will keep you updated on when we are able to start these amazing services and what the process will look like for you and your specific loved one to potentially join this program with us.

GSE: Group Supported Employment

Group Supported Employment (GSE) is a DDD funded service that provides members the opportunity to work in an environment which allows for maximum interaction, communication and collaboration in the community and among businesses, while giving job coaching support. In addition, it provides participants with an on-site supervised work environment in a community-employed setting, while giving the individuals compensation.

The purpose is to assist individuals in developing skills, abilities and the confidence that will enable them to fully realize their vocational ambitions and support their transition into a more independent employment setting if they wish. It also helps participants maintain positive work-related skills, as well as supports participants in becoming a part of the workforce. This service is provided at a 1:2 to 1:6 ratio.

TTE: Transition to Employment

Transition to Employment (TTE) is a DDD funded service that provides training in the significance, value and demands of the workforce while promoting the development of positive attitudes towards work. It is a service that ensures teaching, guiding, and promotes skill development for integrated or competitive employment settings within the community.

The program is designed to assist participants to plan ahead, set goals and make informed decisions about their future and the range of choices they want to explore. Participants are offered a chance to have job exploration and job shadowing while understanding compensation benefits and impact. Individuals will learn to understand a work environment and value the rules and expectations that surround a workplace. This service is provided at a 1:4 ratio.

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