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Tax Credit Program

In Arizona, we have an opportunity to say where we want our tax dollars to be utilized. Let’s use this to our advantage and make a difference in the life of a child who is differently-abled! Please consider helping support this need through the Arizona Tuition Tax Credit Program.

Lauren’s Institute for Education would be honored if you would consider reviewing this brochure and taking it with you to your tax appointment this year. With consultation with your personal CPA or tax associate, you could be directly helping L.I.F.E. meet our mission and impact the lives of those we serve.

Please also consider looking into Tuition Organization for Private Schools (TOPS) for Kids. TOPS is our biggest current STO partner for individual and married couple tax credit donors, and they do take credit card payments. You can make a donation straight through their website, just click the ‘donate now’ button to get started. There is a section on the form for ‘Recommendation Information’ and that is where you can pick the School Fund and find Laurens Institute For Education in the drop down, and that ensures the donation comes here for our student’s tuition needs. The credit limits are posted on their website as well. Here they are for your convenience;


Credit limits for 2018

A single can give a maximum of $1107 ($555 in the Original program and the overflow in the PLUS “Switcher” of $552) in 2018

A married couple filing jointly can give a maximum of $2213 ($1110 in the Original program and the overflow in the PLUS “Switcher” of $1103) in 2018

They will also take check, and their number is 480-414-TOPS (8677) if you have any questions while filling out the forms.

Remember, you can make donations for the 2018 tax year still in 2019, all the way up to when you do your taxes before the April deadline, so that you minimize the time without the funds in hand.

For any questions, please contact Justin Travillion,, or 480-621-8361.

This program is so vital to our private school and our ability to keep costs out of pocket for families so minimal, so please consider participating and getting friends, family and co-workers on board as well.

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