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Whether you are interested in services, in employment, or just learning more about what we have to offer, we are glad you are here. We hope you find our website interesting and informative.

If you are interested in service: thank you for your interest in starting services with Lauren’s Institute for Education! Whether this is your first time inquiring about L.I.F.E., or you are currently attending and interested in adding services, this is the place to start. To begin your inquiry, please contact our Consumer Resource Administrator, Monique Trevino, who will be able to answer questions about the services we provide, what openings we currently have, and the next steps to take. Moniquecan be contacted by phone (480-621-8361 x 127) or email ( and will take you through the initial questionnaire to begin.

If you are interested in employment: all of our current postings, and information on jobs here can be found at or by clicking the Employment link at the right side of our top bar.

Thank you.

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