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Justin Travillion is the Chief Finance Officer for Lauren’s Institute for Education. He started on this path while still attending college at Arizona State University. As a way to earn income while finishing up his bachelor’s degree in Supply Chain Management from the W.P. Carey School of Business, Justin worked as a community provider out in the East Valley. Justin worked for a couple different agencies before coming on to L.I.F.E. when they opened their doors in 2007. During his Senior Year at ASU Justin began to do internship projects for L.I.F.E. to help streamline some of their processes using his expertise in programs like Microsoft Excel. After graduating with honors in May of 2009 Justin came on full time at Lauren’s Institute and has been there ever since. Justin’s job continues to evolve with the company and has grown so far to involve financial bookkeeping and reporting, payroll and benefits administration, financial advisement on the management team, and even taking part on the social media team. Justin’s schooling while at the great W.P Carey School of Business provided him with a great foundation in all aspects of business, from management to marketing, and computer literacy to economics. His continued work with the experts surrounding Lauren’s Institute has provided additional insight into the market specific to non-profits and State regulated agencies. Justin draws a lot of his motivation and inspiration from being able to work so closely to the kids and adults and seeing the miraculous stories that happen every day in the lives of these very special people. While not doing Finance for L.I.F.E. Justin enjoys spending time with his family and friends and especially his beautiful wife Meaghan and daughter Norah. His hobbies include travel, sports, video games and reading.

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