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Lori Kleinman along with her husband are native to Arizona. She has been married for 24 years and they have three great children. Two of their three children are in college and their youngest is a Junior in high school. She has been very involved with her children by serving as PTO President at their elementary school for a few years along with being team mom for several sporting teams along with serving as the President of the booster club for her boy’s high school football team for several years. Family and church are the center of Lori’s daily life, hobbies and recreation.

Nearly 17 years ago Lori Kleinman began her journey working with children. For nearly 6 years she operated an in home pre-school while two of her own children were in this age group. When her youngest child reached 1st grade she then ended her in home service and went to work within the public school system working in the priority preschool for four years. At this time she was able to go back to school and attend Ottawa University and study Elementary Education. In 2008, she joined the team at Laurens Institute For Education in the Academy as a Lead Teacher. Lori has continued her education by attending workshops and trainings aligned with the programs and curriculum which Laurens Institute For Education – Academy has adopted. These have included: Saxon Math training, Reading Mastery training, Brain Gym certification, Handwriting Without Tears and Get Set For School certifications along with a variety of workshops geared towards all therapy disciplines.


Jamie Noe started to peruse teaching nearly 6 years ago. She grew up in Montana where she had the opportunity to jump start her teaching career from a multi grade combination classroom to one-on-one special needs classroom. Newly married, looking for more opportunity and a change, mostly in weather, Ms. Jamie and her husband Jeff moved to Arizona late 2011.

While in Montana, Jamie attended Montana State University – Bozeman where she earned Her bachelor’s degree in business management a minored in entrepreneurship. After entering into the work force she decided to go back to school to peruse her master’s degree and teaching certificate in elementary education from Montana State University – Billings. Upon completing her degree and student teaching, Ms. Jamie immediately began to work with kiddos with special needs. She taught in both special education and regular education in Montana.

Ms. Jamie joined a great team in December 2011 and started her new adventure at Lauren’s Institute for Education, LIFE.  During her time at LIFE she has had the privilege to grow in her career and work with many different kiddos, different ages and different disabilities. While teaching a variety of kiddos, she supervises, teaches and trains a team of staff members to continue to move forward together.  She works hard to individualize teaching and cater to each kiddos different learning styles and academic abilities to ensure goals are met.  As she continues to see LIFE expand she is able to grow her professional career at the same time. Ms. Jamie has attended workshops and earned certificates in Brain Gym and Handwriting Without Tears.  She completed applied behavior analysis training and is able to provide habilitation, social habilitation and respite to help kiddos and families meet their goals.

She has taught alongside and been mentored by masters in the education field. She looks forward to meeting your kiddo and continuing her journey with the wonderful LIFE team and community.

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