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Summer Program

Unfortunately, our 2018 Summer Program is currently full.

Please see a letter written by our Co-Founder and CEO, Margaret Travillion, addressing any concerns or questions you may have;


Dear Friends and Families,

I wanted to share personally how sorry I am once again to be in a place where I am unable to meet the demand and do more to serve this very special and amazing population of children.  Please know we are in a place this summer wherein we simply are limited.  I felt it important you know some of the reasons in hopes that you can better understand our position.


  1. I have a teacher being promoted June 1st to an administrative position, this is a classroom down.
  2. I have a teacher leaving us the beginning of June to start her maternity leave, this is a classroom down.
  3. I have a teacher who is teaching a specially designed Behavioral Programming and Support social group, this is a classroom down.
  4. I have two classrooms I have to shut down for the summer to accommodate construction which is occurring over the summer to add space for the Fall Academy Transition program, this is two classrooms down.

This is approximately 5 programs I cannot house this summer.  Sadly this means a lot less students for the 2018 summer but the good news is it will mean a lot more programs available moving forward for the 2019 summer which will also include an 18 and older DTS which we have been unable to offer thus far.

So for all those families we simply could not support this summer due to space and staff, I am deeply sorry.   I hope you will forgive us and with this information feel a little less frustrated.

If you are in need of community support for the summer please be sure to reach out to Shannon Graffius,, and I know she will do her very best to help you.


Margaret Travillion

CO-Founder & CEO

Laurens Institute For Education

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