Improving quality of life for the differently abled Children & Adults

Tuition & Funding

Annual tuition costs $35,000. Scholarships and grants may be available through private donors, L.I.F.E., the Empowerment Scholarship Account funded through the State of Arizona Department of Education and or through Lexi Law Scholarships funded through the Arizona Tax Credit Program.  We believe in offering the best possible services with minimal cost to parents.

For Information on our tuition and how your child may be eligible for funding please Click Here and or follow these links;


Arizona Leadership Foundation

1.       Click on Lexi Law

2.       Click on application

Arizona School Trust Choice

1.  Click on Parent/Students

2. Apply for scholarship

and or lastly TOPS

Please complete applications from all three STO’s.

For Further questions or to schedule an onsite tour and meeting with the Administrator of Academic services, Jamie Noe please send an email to or by phone at 480-621-8361 x 107.


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