Improving quality of life for the differently abled Children & Adults



Brittany Redler-Coons is the Director of Community Services. She graduated ASU in 2011 with a Bachelor of Science in Family and Human Development. Brittany originally began her journey as a community provider soon after she graduated, and was shortly brought to the center to work in the Kinder-Prep Program. In 2012, the Kinder-Prep program transitioned into a Peer Development Program (PDP) and in October of 2012, Brittany became program lead; focusing on clinic habilitation in a group setting.

During Brittany’s time in the PDP classroom, she found her passion working with differently-abled individuals. As a step further, in early 2013, Brittany took this love and started focusing on helping the families as co-community coordinator alongside Meaghan Travillion. With dedication and continued devotion, Brittany became the Director of Community Services.

Brittany continues to enjoy working in all aspects with differently-abled individuals; including helping support families with questions and or concerns. She continues to help families with successful programming and provider support for the community, which is continuing to grow with amazing potential and inspiration.

When Brittany has free-time, she enjoys spending time with her dogs, cooking, dancing, and playing Roller Derby as her alter-ego, Zombie Kil-Her.






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