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First off, thank you so much for considering a donation to Lauren’s Institute for Education. As a 501c3 Not-For-Profit, it is donations like yours that allow us to go beyond the normal level of service, and do things that are truly remarkable for this special population that we care so much about. Having said that, here are some ways that you can give, and information about giving, that we hope you find useful.

Benefits of giving:

As a 501c3 any donation given to Lauren’s Institute for Education is entitled to a tax deduction. For donations of over $250 you will receive a donation letter from L.I.F.E. confirming your contribution that you can use when filing your taxes. Donations of under $250 can still receive a donation letter, it must simply be requested. To request such a letter please e-mail

L.I.F.E. also recognizes it’s donors from the previous year on our website, and would love to set up tours and other opportunities for you to be able to see where your donations go. To schedule a tour, or discuss other opportunities, please call our front desk at 480-621-8361.

Financial One Time Giving:

This is the simplest and easiest way to donate to Lauren’s Institute for Education. At your discretion any time you can make a one-time donation to our organization. Here are ways you can do this.

You can send in a check or cash to:

Lauren’s Institute for Education
Attn: Donation
1305 South Gilbert Road
Gilbert, AZ 85296

If paying cash we would love if you would include a note with your name and contact information so that we can send you a donation letter.

You can call and make a card payment over the phone. Please call 480-621-8361, and either follow the prompts to the donation line, or dial 0 and ask to be connected to the person in charge of processing donations.

You can donate online by going to the “donate now” tab. This will take you to a place where you can make a card donation. Cards currently accepted include Visa, MasterCard and Discover. Make sure to put in your address information so that we can send you a donation letter.

Fundraiser Sponsorships:

Lauren’s Institute for Education currently holds two yearly fundraisers in which we offer sponsorship opportunities. The first is our annual Golf Tournament in the spring, and the other is our annual Casino Night in the winter. For information on sponsorship opportunities for either of these events, please e-mail

Tax Credit Donations:

NO COST! Participating just redirects funds that must already be paid to the state, and in doing so allow children to come to our school and get the support they need without the strain of high tuition costs that normally come with this high level education. Lauren’s Institute for Education is eligible for corporate tax credit donations to support tuition costs for students of our Private School. Keep in mind there are many different tax credit programs in the State of Arizona, and most can be contributed to simultaneously. We qualify under the Private School Tax Credit Program, not to be confused with Public School Tax Credits or Charter School Tax Credits. Please see the Tax Credit Tab under our Donation header for more information about this. These tax credit donations can be reimbursed dollar for dollar, as long as the corporate donor has a tax liability in the State or Arizona, when made through a Student Tuition Organization (STO). In particular, on the corporate side we partner with Arizona Leadership Foundation. Please see their website for more information on how to participate and please be sure to let them know you want the funds designated to Lauren’s Institute for Education.

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