Improving quality of life for the differently abled Children & Adults

Donor Recognition

Non-Financial Donors

We recognize that many people support us in ways that are not financial in nature, whether it be donated items, volunteer hours, spreading the word about us to others, or something else. There are lots of ways you can get involved, and lots of you that do. From the bottom or our hearts, thank you.

Corporate Donors

21st Century Healthcare, Inc.
A.R. Mays Construction
Arizona Community Foundation
Arizona Psychology Consultants, Inc.
Basic Metal
Best Buy
Box Tops for Education
Burgess Charities Foundation, Inc.
Climatec LLC
Copperstate Wall Systems LLC
Creative Benifit Strategies
Elite InSource LLC
Employees Community Fund of Boeing Company
Essco Wholesale Electric, Inc.
Fraternal Order of Police Mesa Lodge #9
Girl Scouts Arizona Cactus-Pine Council Troop #1443
Hager Companies
Honeywell International Charity Matching
Integrated Media Systems, Inc.
Karber Mechanical Insulation, Inc.
KGB Metal Products, LLC
Lisa Wendel Memorial Foundation
Mt. Rose Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc.
MidState Mechanical
Pearson Engineering Associates, Inc.
Quality Counts Therapy Services, LLC
R C Lurie Co., Inc.
Razoo Foundation
Recreate Companies LLC
Rosendin Electric, Inc.
Rouser Concrete, LLC
Ryan Mechanical Company
Sandstorm Construction, LLC
Sanofi-Aventis U.S. Charitable Match Trust
Summithill Sales & Marketing, Inc.
The Bank of America Charitable Foundation
Uptown Alley
Valley of the Sun United Way
Wells Fargo Community Support Campaign

Private Donors

Alyssa Camille Frias
Amanda Omar
Amy Branton
Amy Kostoryz
Andrea Vickery
Angelica Morrone
Antonio Zupic
Asharani Gedala
Audra Small
Bettina Chavanne
Cassie Simonton
Chad Peck
Chitra Gajjela
Christine Lautt
Christopher Menninger
Cindy Pierzga
D. Hennis
Daisy Agustin
Daniel Brooks
Danielle Cannizzaro
Darin Nielson
David and Virginia Lowery
David Baum
Debra Sieling
Deena Hardin
Denis Cousineau
Donald Lalonde
Donna Courtney
Donna Reed
Eloise Lafferty
Erika Mikles
Gina Dunn
Heather Mecham
Heather Prouty
J L Dias
Jay Cunningham
Jeffrey Cerasoli
Jennifer Washburn
Jeremy Tom
Jessica Downey
Jessika Reed
Jill M. Sheldon
Jody Shambre
John Mohorovicic
Josephine Morris
Karen Robinson
Kateri Wang
Katherine Verdugo
Kathleen Bernath
Kelsey Leukam
Kirk Plamondon
Lalitha Sankar
Leeann Kirby
Linda Audorff
Lori Shumaker
Lucinda Chaves
Madhusudhan Midhe
Maria Thompson
Marlene Sheppard
Martha Byrd
Michelle Bailey
Michelle Dunlavy
Monica Frye
Natalie Braun
Patricia Dade
Rebecca Sartor
Robert Lafferty
Rosemary Van Wolde
Russell Sigler
Sandy Bandagji
Shane Siren
Sherri Giguere
Stacy Ebe
Susan Cerasoli
Ted Northrop Jr
Teofilo Palaganas
Tera Deal
Teresa Percha
Todd Vaughn
Tracey Bengtson
William Nelson
William Shockley

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