Improving quality of life for the differently abled Children & Adults

Donor Recognition

Non-Financial Donors

We recognize that many people support us in ways that are not financial in nature, whether it be donated items, volunteer hours, spreading the word about us to others, or something else. There are lots of ways you can get involved, and lots of you that do. From the bottom or our hearts, thank you.

Corporate Donors

21st Century Healthcare, Inc.
A.R. Mays Construction
Arizona Psychology Consultants, Inc.
Basic Metals
Blaze Consulting, Inc.
BMO Harris
Cinema Lighting Corporation
Climatec LLC
CM Builders Inc
Copperstate Wall Systems LLC
Creative Benefit Strategies
Crest Insurance Group LLC
Eclipse Theaters
Elite Insource LLC
Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation
Hager Companies
Honeywell International Charity
H-S International LLC
Independent Electric Supply
IPF Rancho Solano, LLC
Karber Mechanical Insulation, Inc.
Leavitt Group Benefits Services of AZ Inc
Level 7 Technologies, LLC
Liberty Mutual
Quality Counts Therapy Services, LLC
R C Lurie Co., Inc.
Rouser Concrete
Ryan Mechanical
Santa Barbara Foundation
Sierra Verde Construction LLC
Specified Electric
Spray Systems
Sullivan Investment Corporation
Summithill Sales & Marketing, Inc.
Sun Valley Medical Billing, LLC
Sunstate Equipment
The Bank of America Charitable Foundation
The Lifestyled Company
Valley of the Sun United Way
Wells Fargo Community Support Campaign

Private Donors

April Ariola
April Cylwik
Arnold Budd
Becky Papp
Bob Morenzoni
Brandon Phillips
Brenda Cotarelo
Brett & Danielle White
Brian Reed
Brianna Allen
Caroline Riley
Carrie Montijo
Carrie Reed
Chad Peck
Cheri Tucker
Chris Cuevas
Chris Holly
Christina Albarran
Christopher Bailey
Christopher Campbell
Christopher Rude
Cortni Creamer
Courtney Terry
Craig Anderson
Craig Hanks
Craig Hecht
Cyrene Tito
D. E. Dias
Daniel Brooks
Daniel Brown
Danny McCasland
David & Virginia Lowery
David Baum
Davina Tyree
Dawn Bailey
Dawn Bird
Frank R. Maston
Garnison Pisio
Garry Beer
Gary Matties
Glenda Roseen
Hallenda Slattery
Hallie Tessendorf
Heather Mecham
Heather Menninger
Heather Prouty
Holly Nave
Irene Lupo
J L Dias
Jac Lynn Horton
Jacquelyn Dalton
Jamie Bezany
Jamie Manfouo
Janaka Lalit Balasooriya
Jeff Green
Jeff Noe
Jennifer Davis
Jennifer Goslin
Jessica Downey
Jessica Post
Jody Shambre
Joe Cordova
Johanna Dias
John Bunch
John Clayton
John Fischer
John Mohorovicic
Joseph Deleo
Joseph Ward
Julia Hutchings
Julia Pacheco
Julie Michael
Sara Reynolds
Scott Haan
Scott Sipe
Sean Rya
Shahina Hossain
Shahina Supriti
Sharyl Jacobs
Shelley Weight
Sherri Giguere
Stefanie Wennes
Stephanie Henkins
Steven Betts
Susan Asmo
Susan Cerasoli
Susan Crane
Tamara Clayton
Tamara Cordova
Tamara Jones
Teofilo Palaganas
Tera Deal
Teresa Brooks
Teresa Mahre
Tino Feczko
Todd Vaughan
Tonya Price
Tracey Bengtson
Tyler Gibson
Uv Aguirre
Vivian Palaganas
William Nelson
William Shockley
Zachary Watzke

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