Music Therapy

Sabrina Deutsch, MT

Music Therapy group sessions are provided to all the classrooms. Music Therapy is the use of music and music interventions by a Board-Certified Music Therapist to address goals in multiple areas of functioning. Using music in a group setting is beneficial as it provides a safe and structured space for individuals to express themselves, interact with one another, and learn! Within music therapy groups, multiple goal areas are addressed, including; gross and fine motor skills, social skills, language and communication skills, self-expression and creative thinking, attention to task, and educational concepts. We address these skills by using a variety of music interventions, such as; instrument play, song writing and lyric analysis, singing and active music making, improvisation, music games, and movement to music. The music therapist is able to address not only the needs of the group as a whole, but the needs of each individual, and adapts the interventions to help every child be successful.


Physical Education

Sara Bright, CTRS

Physical Education is provided to all our classrooms by a Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist (CTRS). She provides appropriate and fun gross motor activities for each unique classroom and adapts activities for each student’s needs so that all can participate and progress in physical skills. A Special Olympics curriculum is also utilized to help our students become Special Olympics Athletes if they choose.


Art lessons are provided once a month to all our classrooms by an experienced art teacher. These lessons provide the students with an opportunity to explore different mediums of art.


Karate lessons are provided once a month to all our classrooms. Master Walter, master instructor/owner at Red Bear Karate for Kids, instructs the students on stranger danger, hand eye coordination, foot movement and balance, and the discipline and respect that goes along with the martial arts.

Adaptive and Inclusive Recess Program

Sara Bright, CTRS

Students have the opportunity during recess to participate in a specially chosen activity that all children can participate in regardless of disability or use of a wheelchair. The program is facilitated and supervised by a Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist (CTRS).

The Listening Program (TLP)

Students have the opportunity to participate in The Listening Program by Advanced Brain Technology.


Students have the opportunity to utilize our state-of-the-art interactive projected video screen that allows all students to play together regardless of limitations.

Flexible Seating and Alternative Positions

We have recently invested in providing flexible seating in the classrooms. This means that students will not be using basic desk chairs all day but have the opportunity to utilize other styles of seating such as wobble stools and floor cushions. Flexible seating helps improve student’s attention, posture, comfort and subsequent learning. Additionally, for our students that use wheelchairs we have invested in alternative position options for them including sidelying equipment and we facilitate use of a stander for some students.

Sensory Gym

We have recently invested in an update to our Sensory Gym. The gym now provides opportunities for many varied sensory activities including swinging, jumping, climbing, visual stimulation, deep pressure and tactile experiences. The therapy department oversees providing instruction to properly use equipment to meet our consumer’s sensory needs.

Dark Sensory Room

We have recently invested in the creation of a dark sensory room to meet the needs of our consumers that need a calming environment. The room provides a dark quiet environment with multiple light devices for consumers to explore, including a bubble tube with mirrors and switch activated color change, fiberoptic lights with color change ability, lava tiles, and star projection device.

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