Assistive Technology

At L.I.F.E. all our therapists provide assistive technology (AT) services such as helping a consumer (AKA client, patient) and their family choose the right device, obtain the device, fit the device, use the device, and maintain the device. Additionally, our therapists help support the Flexible Seating Program, Therapeutic Positioning Program and other AT needs in the L.I.F.E. Academy classrooms.

What is assistive technology?

Assistive Technology is any item, piece of equipment or product system that improves, increases, or maintains the functional abilities of a person with disabilities.

assistive technology

Typical AT Expertise Areas

  • Wheelchairs
  • Walkers
  • Standers
  • Sensory Processing Equipment (i.e. balls, swings etc.)
  • Adaptive Grip
    • Utensils
    • Pens/Pencils
  • Adaptive Tools
    • Shoe horns
    • Sock pullers
  • Communication Devices
    • Low tech communication systems like Velcro pictures
    • Dynamic Display Communication Devices (i.e. ipad running TouchChat)
  • Adaptive cups
  • Adaptive utensils
  • Musical instruments that help improve social interaction
  • Adaptive sports equipment

Assistive Technology Leadership

NOEL McCLUNEYDirector of Clinical Programming, (PT, DPT, PCS, AT Specialist)
  • I serve a unique position at L.I.F.E. I assist in new program development and implementation within and across departments. I serve as a supervisor to Academy Resource Team members and I provide consultative support in the areas of assistive technology and physical therapy. I also manage the website and serve on the L.I.F.E. Leadership team. I truly love helping with any program or project someone wants to bring to L.I.F.E and learning new things along the way!
  • Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT), A.T. Still University, Mesa, AZ, August 2006
  • APTA Board-Certified Pediatric Specialist (PCS) May 2011
  • B.S. in Exercise Science, Summa Cum Laude, Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL, May 2003
  • Assistive Technology Certificate Graduate Program, Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, OH, January 2015- August 2016
Special Certifications:
  • American Council on Exercise Youth Fitness Specialist 8/16
  • 200hr Level Certified Yoga Teacher, Southwest Institute of Healing Arts, 5/08
  • American Council on Exercise Group Fitness Instructor, 8/00
Specific Treatment Strategies, Equipment, or Expertise:
  • Assistive Technology Services especially in the area of mobility, seating, and positioning but I have foundational knowledge in other areas
  • Mindful movement (yoga) positions, breathing, games
  • Neurodevelopmental Treatment (NDT) especially for kids with cerebral palsy and with gait training
  • Partial weight bearing gait training with Lite Gait device
  • Exergaming Devices (Wii, Xbox Kinect)
  • Hippotherapy
  • Aquatic therapy
Career History:
  • I began at L.I.F.E. as the Director of Clinical Programming in September of 2018. I previously worked at L.I.F.E. when it first opened in 2007-10 and then again 2011-13 and then again in 2017 as a staff physical therapist. Although my husband’s career has required us to move frequently, I have always found my way back to L.I.F.E.. I feel so incredibly lucky to be a part of this amazing organization. In addition to L.I.F.E., I have worked in a number of other settings and gained valuable skills and experience. I have worked at two intermediate care facilities (ICFs) for children and adults with medically complex developmental disabilities, and at a specialized school for children with medical complexity in NC. At these facilities, I gained a lot of experience working with wheelchairs, standers, and other AT devices. I have also provided school therapy in OH and home-based therapy in CO and NC.
Personal Management Philosophy:
  • My experience working at many other organizations made me realize how special L.I.F.E. is. Many other organizations don’t really care about their employees. One feels like a number and bringing concerns to a supervisor rarely results in any action or change. That was never how I felt when I worked at L.I.F.E. and now that I am in a management role, I want to ensure no one ever feels that way. I do my absolute best to listen to people’s concerns, try to understand them, and try to address the concerns to the best of my ability. I also believe that policies/procedures/programs are generally better when created jointly with those they will affect. I do my best to gather ideas and feedback prior to implementation of something new. But really most important of all to me is helping people feel like they have a “work family.” At L.I.F.E. we work together for the common good of the “family” and we have great fun and make great memories along the way. To me that is really what life and L.I.F.E is all about.
  • I grew up in Indialantic Florida. I am married to an Ecology professor at Bowling Green State University. We have lived in multiple states for my husband’s career including AZ, CO, NC and OH. We have two children, Desmond (9) and Malcolm (5). My hobbies and interests include yoga, American Ninja Warrior, and sci-fi and Jane Austen style books and movies. We currently live in Ohio but I travel to L.I.F.E. monthly and work remotely from OH when off-site.
ZACHARY PRICESpeech-Language Pathology Assistant, (SLP-A) and Augmentative & Alternative Communication (AAC) Support
  • I provide 1:1 speech therapy services, working to progress target goals areas in expressive, receptive, and pragmatic language. Additionally, as needed and when available, I collaborate with various support staff to program, update, and troubleshoot student’s Augmentative & Alternative Communication (AAC) systems.
  • Speech-Language Pathology Assistant Certificate, Northern Arizona University, 2014
  • B.S. in Speech Sciences and Technology, Northern Arizona University, 2014
Specific Treatment Strategies, Equipment, or Expertise Utilized:
  • Specific focus in Augmentative & Alternative Communication (AAC)
  • Proficient in programming and use of various AAC programs including TouchChat, NovaChat, Proloquo2Go, LAMP, and GoTalkNow
  • Teaching and modeling AAC use in classroom and clinical therapy settings
Continuing Education:
  • Various AAC courses and in-person conference
  • Intro to Assistive Technology for Pediatrics
  • Out of Sync Child with Carol Stock Kronowitz
Career History:
  • I started at L.I.F.E. in 2015 working first as a community direct support professional before coming on campus as a founding member of the Academy Resource Team and providing alternative and augmentive communication support. Recently, I transitioned to providing 1:1 speech therapy services and I continue to provide AAC support for the Academy. Before L.I.F.E. I worked in both public and private school settings, as well as a dedicated speech therapy clinic.
Personal Treatment Philosophy:
  • I am an advocate for the growing neurodiversity and trauma-informed movements within the therapy and special education world, which has helped shape my own personal treatment ideas and approaches. When it comes to AAC use, I actively utilize and promote Aided Language Input. This is the notion that much like a foreign language, to teach AAC we have to speak it ourselves.
  • Lauren’s Institute is very important for me personally even outside of my career. My wife Katie has been an OT here for a number of years, and our daughter previously attended the preschool program as a peer model classmate. The idea of L.I.F.E. being a family atmosphere is even more true for me! Outside of work and family, I’m an avid video gamer and comic book reader.

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