Engaging environments for our extraordinary services.

We are fortunate to have a beautiful 10-acre campus with multiple indoor and outdoor environments for all our programming.


Sensory Gym

A fun and inspired multi-sensory environment designed to meet the various unique sensory needs of everyone on the L.I.F.E. campus. Gross motor activities including climbing, jumping, and swinging are paired with calming visual, auditory, and deep pressure elements to create a balanced regulating space.

Teen Room

Specifically designed with the help of the teen-aged students at L.I.F.E. in 2019, this fun space features multiple multiplayer games and activities. Along with video gaming on the Nintendo Switch, mini arcade cabinet,  and computers, students and staff can also engage in competitive games of air hockey, foosball, and various board games. Additionally, in 2022 the room was “leveled up” with design upgrades and the students helped paint the space.


L.I.F.E. has two outdoor playgrounds. Both feature canopies for shade. We have adapted swings on both playgrounds as well as outdoor musical instruments on the small playground and a new inclusive merry-go-round on the large playground thanks to our AZ Gives Day donors! Our Adaptive Activities Facilitator also manages a recess bin to promote particular physical activities of the month.

Sports Court

The multi-use sports court features multiple basketball hoops of various sizes, a volleyball net, and large storage shed that houses the bikes, tricycles, scooters, and other adapted equipment available to all of campus. In addition to its use for recess and by our Adapted Activities Facilitator for physical education classes, this space is also the home of multiple special holiday events and activities throughout the year.

Swimming Pool

Featuring its own basketball hoop and depths up to five feet, the LIFE swimming pool is used for both recreation and therapeutic purposes. A large wading area and ground-installed Hoyer lift help give access to all students, while weekly professional maintenance and on-site shower ensure the pool is clean and safe throughout the hot summer months.

Splash Pad

What Arizona school is truly complete without its own splash pad? This space is a favorite for our summer program attendees!

Global Kitchen

This kitchen space supports many programs. The kitchen is stocked with eating utensils, preparation equipment, as well as range and stove appliances allowing providers to work with their consumers on important life skills in a functional environment. This space also serves as the popular “Snack Shack” where various snack items are sold to staff and where food is prepped for the Academy Wednesday Hot Lunch program both run by the Day Treatment and Employment Department (DTE).

Cozy Corners

Calming areas our teachers created in their classrooms as part of our regulated classroom program. These special spaces can help a student regain or maintain a calm state which is so important for learning.

Therapy Rooms

Designated spaces for our multiple therapies. Check out our beautiful murals!

Therapy Gym

A space designated for therapy activities especially gross motor activities that require more space. The room features a LiteGait system for body weight-supported gait training.

Dark Sensory Room

A space to help consumers self-regulate. This room features various LED light-up items that can change or fade between colors, including those that do so automatically and others that are interactive and can be controlled via remote. High and low mirrors help visually expand the room and enhance the lights within. Moving bubbles within the bubble tube also provide a soothing sound to the room while relaxing on pillows and beanbag seats.


A space designated for reading and leisure.


We offer many enhancement programs including adaptive physical education, art, music, and karate. We also have social-emotional learning lessons, assistive technology services, and much more!

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