Lauren’s Institute For Education (L.I.F.E) is an organization that serves individuals with disabilities. We are proud of our family-like culture and our priority to give back to those that take care of our consumers. If you are passionate about helping those with disabilities, we want you to become part of our L.I.F.E. family!

What is it like to work at L.I.F.E.?

We have a large variety of employment opportunities! We take care of those that take care of others. See what it’s like to be part of the L.I.F.E. family.

Our Pillars

  • Family matters 
  • Acceptance of change 
  • We take care of those that take care of our consumers
  • We celebrate and honor the holiday seasons  
  • We promote humility in our management style  
  • We promote a positive work environment  
  • Transparency 
  • Being above reproach   
  • Best practices
  • Social and emotional wellbeing 
  • Cognition support 
  • Academic-educational needs 
  • Family support 
  • Community is expected – all aspects of care must work cohesively  
  • Umbrella of care- we offer all aspects of care (Transdisciplinary)
  • Team- means parents and professionals 
  • Continuum of Care- starts at preschool and goes through adulthood 
  • There is never just one way 
  • Our programming must be individualized  
  • We  promote diversity and acceptance of approaches and professionals 
  • We support our team’s professional values  
  • Not for profit 
  • Division of Developmental Disabilities (DDD)  
  • Services are not based on financial ability to pay 
  • Pro Bono work 
  • Scholarships  
  • Training and development of staff 
  • Promote from within 
  • Rely upon internal expertise 
  • Incentives 
  • Encourage and expect continued learning- CEU  
  • Promote internships and community learning projects 
  • Professional Learning Communities
  • Faith and trust in our staff  
  • We must stay relevant  
  • We must remain open minded 
  • We must be creative in our approach to care  
  • We are solution oriented – problem solvers 
  • We are flexible thinkers  


Volunteers play a vital role in the wellbeing of our organization and those we serve!

We have a variety of projects and opportunities to suit a multitude of skills and interests, which make a meaningful and lasting contribution to our staff and consumers.

Some examples of help we often need:

  • Building or supplying therapeutic items (i.e. milk crate chairs, buddy benches, wheelchair swing)
  • Classroom activity preparation
  • Classroom/playground aide
  • Cleaning/maintenance tasks
  • Handy man tasks (e.g. hanging items)

If you are interested in volunteering please contact our Front Desk Administrator.

Victoria Miller
Victoria Miller Front Desk Administrator

Community Partnerships

L.I.F.E. loves to partner with amazing organizations that help us achieve our mission.

We are so grateful to the organizations that have already joined with us in making a positive difference in the lives of individuals with developmental disabilities.

We are always looking for additional community partnerships to further our mission.

Current Community Partnerships:

If you are interested in volunteering please contact Ashley Watzke.

ASHLEY WATZKEDirector of Day Treatment and Training
480-621-8361 EXT 221

Student & Academic Partnerships

We currently host students in the L.I.F.E. Academy department, behavioral programming and support department and therapy department.

  • Undergraduate kinesiology and exercise science majors
  • Behavior analyst supervision
  • Service learning students
  • Capstone project students
  • Occupational Therapy students
  • Physical Therapy students
  • Nursing students
  • Service learning students from education department
  • Behavior analyst supervision
  • Occupational Therapy students
  • Physical Therapy students
  • Physical Therapist Assistant students
  • Occupational Therapy Assistant students

Contacts for Academic Partnerships

LORI KLEINMANDirector of Academy Administration
[email protected]
480-621-8361 ext. 106
480-621-8513 Fax
RICHARD ELICIO, PT, DPTDirector of Therapy Services
[email protected]
480-621-8361 EXT 307

Contact Us for More Information About L.I.F.E.

call us at 480-621-8361 EXT 136 or complete this form

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