Improving functional skills through musical interventions.

Music Therapists (MTs) help individuals achieve functional goals through use of musical interventions such as creating, singing, moving to, and/or listening to music. For example, a person may have a goal to increase their number of spoken words and the MT may work on this goal through specific use of songs that promote participation at specific times in a song. Or a person may have a goal to improve social interaction and the MT may facilitate progress in this goal through drum circle model and repeat play.

Our therapists embrace a transdisciplinary approach and communicate with other members of a treatment team to support the whole individual and best outcomes. Families are always welcome and encouraged to attend therapy sessions, are provided a home program to assist with skill acquisition across environments, and are provided quarterly reports from the therapist to keep them informed of progress.


Sabrina Deutsch MT wrote our L.I.F.E. song and worked with our students on recording in 2019.

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